inside captioning

Inside Captioning

“Inside Captioning” is for anyone interested in closed captioning, not just the broadcasters. it contains information about all aspects of captioning, including: The Technology — EIA-608, EIA-708, captioning equipment, timecodes, how a color TV works, European Teletext, ATV/HDTV, digital captioning (MPEG, DVD, CD-ROM, D1/D2) and a guided tour of the VBI. The History — how [Read more…]

CART Provider's Manual

The CART Provider’s Handbook: A Guide to Getting Started

The CART Provider’s Handbook is a must-have-in-the-bag of everyone who aspires to this growing profession. The tips and guidance in this handbook can save you much time and money, as it will provide you with the shortcuts and insights you’ll need to get a jump-start in this field.

CART Provider

The CART Provider’s Manual

A Handy And Practical Resource On The CART Profession! Prepared by the NCRA CART Task Force, this booklet is a vital tool for the experienced CART provider and the court reporter looking to get involved in this exciting field. Step-by-step you’ll learn the basics of this assistive technology and what skills are necessary for a [Read more…]

Realtime Writing

Realtime Writing — The Court Reporter’s Guide to Mastering Realtime Skills

Explore The Exciting New World Of Realtime – Includes Accompanying Practice Drills, Closed captioning, Total Access Courtroom, realtime in the classroom…your profession’s latest opportunities rely on realtime. And RealTime Writing– published by an authority on realtime, the National Captioning Institute-teaches you… Realtime theory and the basics of conflict-free writing, avoiding word-boundary errors, specific rules for [Read more…]

Realtime Educational

Realtime in the Educational Setting — Implementing New Technology for Access and ADA Compliance

Realtime in Educational Settings Task Force, this is a vital tool for both users and providers of realtime and CART services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. It gives school administrators answers to all the logistical questions about arranging for realtime services, and about funding and hiring qualified providers. Court reporters will learn how to capitalize [Read more…]

Realtime Excellence

My System – The Road to Realtime Excellence

Mark Kislingbury presents the principles that have helped him become one of the best realtime writers in the country. By making use of these principles and without having to entirely change your theory, you’ll have the tools to be a successful realtimer.

Alternative Realtime Careers

Alternative Realtime Careers: A Guide to Closed Captioning and CART for Court Reporters

An Excellent Resource On Alternative Careers For Court Reporters! Are you a skilled realtime reporter looking for a change? Do you need a new challenge in your life? This new book can put you on the path to an exciting, new career. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the captioning and CART work [Read more…]

Ed's Steno Pro

Ed’s Steno Pro – Ed Varallo

Ed’s Steno Pro, a new book by Ed Varallo, six-time NCRA Speed Contest Champion, teaches you how to shorten up your system and become the best realtime writer you can be. The key is in how you go about designing briefs, and Ed’s (simple) Three Rules for Briefing teach you how to create easy-to-write briefs [Read more…]

Realtime Writer's Manual

Realtime Writer’s Manual: A Common-Sense Guide for Court Reporters – Ed Varallo

Since it was first published in 1992, The Realtime Writer Manual has been a reliable guide for reporters who wish to develop a powerful personal dictionary, capable of meeting the demands of realtime translation. To be realtime capable requires us to make use of techniques that maximize the power of computerized translation to do the [Read more…]

Writing Naked

Writing Naked: Principles of Writing for Realtime and Captioning

How many reporters describe their first experience writing realtime where others can watch. For the first time, your writing is exposed, and you may feel your reputation is at stake. But you can do something to ensure your transition from court reporter to realtime writer or captioner is a smooth one. In Writing Naked, you’ll [Read more…]

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