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As a professional court reporter, captioner or transcriptionist, your success depends on your Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software. That’s why you need the most reliable, efficient, easy-to-learn systems available. The only CAT systems backed by over 30 years of experience developing software specifically for court reporters and captioners. The only company committed to 100% support — [Read more…]

Apeiron CAT

Apeiron CAT Software

Apeiron is TNG’s latest advancement in EASY, fast, powerful, and flexible CAT Software. Apeiron combines speed, simplicity, and ease with a comprehensive suite of features to let reporters and transcriptionists meet the exact needs of their customers, from precisely formatted, indexed legal documents to searchable, audio-synched Realtime transcripts. Apeiron Professional is our full featured professional [Read more…]

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New to court reporting? Or upgrading from an old legacy system? Or maybe you are close to retirement? Our subscription product offers full-featured software for the best overall value in the market, and you can rest assured it will work on the newest computers. There are no long term commitments or big upfront payments required [Read more…]


ProCAT Winner

Winner represents over three decades of industry experience, and a tradition of many industry firsts. It is the most robust and feature-rich computer-aided transcription available for the court reporting industry. It offers the most desirable features, yet is very simple to use. Transition to Winner for new users is very simple due to the similarity [Read more…]


Eclipse CAT Software

It’s not easy to make something powerful look easy—but Eclipse has been doing it for over 25 years. We don’t just innovate, we emancipate, freeing reporters from drudgery with elegant technology that is incredibly easy to use. Features like Global Magic, Translation Magic, AutoMagic, and new Connection Magic have transformed court reporting with better translations, [Read more…]


Case CATalyst

The mastery that is CATalyst uses predictive analytics, intelligence, and common sense to provide cleaner translation, streamlined editing, and sophisticated delivery methods, giving you back a valuable commodity—free time! Simply write what you hear…that’s it! CATalyst will take it from there so YOU don’t have to! CATalyst intelligently formats dollar amounts, times of day, measurements, [Read more…]

Eclipse Trainer

Angie Ryder – Eclipse CAT Trainer – Alabama

Angie Ryder Huntsville, AL Phone: (256) 325-5909 E-mail: Website: Steno and Voice Will Travel To: contact for specifics Notes: Remote Training Available, Specializing in Indexing

Eclipse Trainer

Tori Pittman – Eclipse CAT Trainer – North Carolina

Tori Pittman PO Box 47, Wake Forest, NC 27588 Phone: 919-931-6222 E-mail: Steno and Voice

digitalcat software

digitalCAT Software

Free 90 day trial Easy to learn No hardware key Reduced or “mini” transcripts Word indexes and concordances Automatic examination, exhibit, and objection indexes Easy dictionary entries Easy macro building Include files PDF, ASCII, RTF, and MS Word export features Captioning upgrade available Easily exported settings and dictionaries from one computer to another Frequent updates [Read more…]


Plover is the world’s first free, open-source stenography program. It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Real-time machine stenography is a code translation system that lets users enter words and syllables by pressing multiple keys simultaneously in a chord, which is then instantly translated into English text. This makes steno the fastest and most [Read more…]

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