StenoMaster Theory

The Stenomaster Theory a.k.a. Magnum Steno. In short, the StenoMaster Theory answers modern machine writing needs: a shorter and more efficient way of writing for speed and accuracy for even established veterans of court reporting. The StenoMaster Theory is not only a foundational theory for the beginning student, but one that can rapidly and readily [Read more…]

Magnum Steno: Write Short, Write Fast!

This amazing book is Mark’s “magnum opus.” Designed for the professional reporter, all of Mark’s short-writing secrets are revealed in an easy-to-study format! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Students and previous customers! Call 713-837-6595 for a discount on this product!

Magnum Steno: Beginning Theory

“Magnum Steno: Beginning Theory” is Mark’s latest theory book, and he’s super excited about it! How is it different from “Magnum Steno: Write Short – Write Fast”? Because it has all his briefs and phrases appearing in the order of how common they are. In other words, the earlier you are in the book, the [Read more…]

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