xscribe vision

Xscribe Vision 486

From the XScribe Family of Writers – This remarkable device also contained an 8088 Processor and PC Keyboard Enabled Reporter to Begin Transcription on Job – Digital Notes Captured In Built-In Memory http://galleryofshorthand.org/portfolio/1985-xscribe-vision/

lightspeed steno writer

LightSpeed Writer

“Light” refers to the weight of the unit, plus the fact that keys can be actuated by the most gentle of touches. “Speed” refers to faster and more accurate writing by virtue of the elimination of wasted motion due to unnecessary up and down key travel. Those features are complemented by the unique ability to [Read more…]

BaronData Transcriptor

BaronData Transcriptor

1980s Barondata Shorthand Machines By: BaronData Systems Successors to the StenoConverter: BaronData Models II, III, IV, V, X, Baron TX – Transcriptor http://galleryofshorthand.org/portfolio/1980-barondata-shorthand-machines/

BaronData Transcriptor X

BaronData Transcriptor X

1980 – Barondata Transcriptor-X By: BaronData Systems First Floppy-Disk Shorthand Machine http://galleryofshorthand.org/portfolio/barondata-transcriptor-x/

xscribe stenoram ultra

Xscribe Stenoram Ultra

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS SECURITY OF STENO NOTES Notes are stored on diskette, RAM memory and paper simultaneously Notes written to RAM even if diskette is not present or full Notes written to diskette even if RAM is full VIDEO SYNC Provides inexpensive compatibility with video taping Clock can be set in sync with video camera [Read more…]

xscribe stenoram III

Xscribe Stenoram III

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS 32-character LCD display Mechanical 2-color and Electronic Notemaker Built-in retractable bench stand Lightweight, sturdy tripod Automatic time and date stamping of steno notes User can create up to 112 separate notefiles on RAM and diskette Direct output for real-time translation and dictionary creation Battery charger indicator light PAPER HANDLING Adjustable electric paper [Read more…]

xscribe stenoram II

Xscribe Stenoram II

Features: Non Disc based writer-Stores notes in RAM memory Complete PC compatibility with upgradeable bios Real-time capable writer with LCD to display messages Telecommunication with built in modem Compatible with most CAT systems including Eclipse, Cheetah, and StenoCAT. Rechargable- long lasting lead-acid internal batteries hold up to a 20hr charge. Adjust depth of stroke and [Read more…]

Impact Writer – Digitext

A compact one-piece translation unit incorporating the same hall-effect keyboard, along with an onboard thermal printer that could print traditional steno strip, English or English and Steno for easy readback and storage. The unit also contained the first computerized training software that allowed a beginning student to practically teach themselves, with hundreds of practice drills [Read more…]

Digitext ST

Truly way ahead of its time, the Digtext ST unit was marketed by Wang Laboratories, and is prominently displayed in the Shorthand Museum in New York.

Foniks Writer

The Foniks writer performed similarly to the Impact Writer, but had a larger screen, a hard drive, and could be loaded with Windows for added functionality. Foniks Writer Link

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