Steno Phoenix Theory

Phoenix Fast Track to Realtime Writing

Written for those who already know the machine keyboard. Phoenix Fast Track to Realtime Writing is a tool for people who want to totally retrain themselves to learn Phoenix Theory. The book also makes a useful review tool for those who initially learned Phoenix Theory. Available from Stenograph, L.L.C. at or 1-800-323-4247.

Phoenix Theory – Speed Plus Books

Literary-based speedbuilding books contain 20 lessons each (Speed Plus V has 10 lessons). Lessons introduce and build skill on new vocabulary, including optional briefs and phrases, then push for speed using that vocabulary in sentences and longer takes. Includes tips on grammar, spelling, punctuation and other language arts skills. Provides a thorough theory review.

Steno Phoenix Theory

Phoenix Theory

Phoenix Theory, first published in 1996, has been successfully learned and used by reporters, realtimers, CART providers and captioners world-wide. Incorporation of a unique and patented Vowel Omission Principle for the most common vowel sound in the English language is one of the defining differences between Phoenix Theory and other theories. Use the links to [Read more…]

Phoenix Theory Reference Dictionary

Non-conflicting writing vocabulary shows stroking options available for each word in a dictionary almost equivalent to Funk & Wagnall’s Collegiate Dictionary (~136,000 entries). The largest English-to-steno reference dictionary available; shows outlines, plus alternative outlines and briefs, for thousands of words. This Reference Dictionary is compatible with ALL versions of Phoenix Theory (1st Edition, 2.0, and [Read more…]

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