ProCAT Stenopaq

ProCAT Stenopaq I & II

ProCAT introduced its first of many writers to follow at the 1986 NSRA convention in Boston, MA. This writer was first of its kind and the only writer which incorporated the first generation of nonvolatile memory modules thus ensuring the integrity of the notes. Furthermore, the new Stenopaq offered an instant realtime transmission thus allowing [Read more…]

procat flash writer

ProCAT Flash Writer

Unlike the competitor, ProCAT has always used solid-state memory for storage of shorthand notes. We find the memory technology to be more reliable and faster than a 3.5″ floppy diskette. Flash uses PCMCIA memory cards for the storage of notes. Weight: The Flash writer weighs only 5.2 lbs. It is by far the lightest writer [Read more…]

procat stylus 2

ProCAT Stylus ll

ProCAT introduce the new and improved ProCAT Stylus II. Stylus II capitalized on the success of the ProCAT Stylus and added more feature such as: Wireless realtime to Attorney Workstations, Adjustable color screen, open jobs for read-back during realtime, append to existing jobs, and more.

procat stylus

ProCAT Stylus

ProCAT Introduces Stylus — Not Just Another Writer. True to form, ProCAT introduces the most innovative writer ever designed by any vendor. ProCAT Stylus is not just a writer… it is a portable realtime writer. Out of the gate, ProCAT Stylus offered feature never seen in any other writer. Here are some of the features [Read more…]

procat blaze steno machine

ProCAT Blaze

Blaze has been built atop the same innovative technologies that power the professional writers. However, it has reduced functionality to offer affordability to students, CART, and captioners.

procat impression steno

ProCAT Impression

ProCAT Impression is our flagship writer for professional court reporters. It offers the most comprehensive list of features offered in any writer. Impression reflects 32 years experience. It revolutionized the way court reporters look at a writer — the first writer with audio recording, wireless connection, realtime to attorneys, full translation with artificial intelligence, touch-screen [Read more…]

procat expression

ProCAT Xpression

ProCAT Xpression is the most powerful, compact, and comfortable writer ever designed. It offers all the desired features of the Impression, but it is four times the faster than the Impression writer. Impression writer started a revolution in the portable realtime writers, Xpression has raised the bar again and established itself as the new standard. [Read more…]

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