PDF-It & iDepos

PDF-it creates certified, signed full size and condensed, word index and exhibits for paper production and/or electronic delivery iDepos delivers transcripts/exhibits from any device to any device Transcript with hyperlinked exhibits for ALL devices No Apps to install Notifications of downloads File sizes in excess of email attachments Electronic Read & Sign complies with read [Read more…]


Professional Court Reporter must be connected at all times. SmartDeps simplifies the connection between the Court Reporter, all parties involved and the data being recorded. Create an account today, get connected and accomplish more. We’ve got you covered! No matter what your situation, we are ready to assist. Should you need extra production capacity, should [Read more…]


Why Court Reporters Love It! Min-U-Script Pro delivers a simple-to-use, comprehensive range of features all at exceptionally low prices… with no monthly fees or click charges! Min-U-Script’s productivity tools, file management features and customizable branding features assure you, and your clients, of the best in quality, valued features and your brand recognition… all packaged in [Read more…]

dictionary jumpstart review

Dictionary Jumpstart

Dictionary Jumpstart provides vocabulary broken down into eight modules including: Environment, Food & Health, Media, Names, Phrases, Sports, Vocabulary and World. Five modules have been approved to earn PDCs by NCRA. The court reporting industry, which is an umbrella term for all of the possible careers stated above, is expected to grow 25 percent, much [Read more…]


RB vs. the competition In the market for an office management system or other specialized application for court reporting agencies, such as online repositories or a transcript creator? Top 10 reasons why ReporterBase is the #1 choice among your competitors: We are not in the court reporting business, so we do not compete with our [Read more…]

Denoto Realtime Browser

Denoto is a “realtime transcription” browser. It may be used to preview a testimony as it is being given. A realtime browser may be used by an attorney, a judge, a paralegal, or a physically challenged person to view and maintain a record of the proceeding. Denoto offers the physically challenged the opportunity to have [Read more…]

Case Notebook

Improve case organization Case Notebook’s intuitive structure simplifies organizing legal case information, allowing you to easily locate key information in court transcripts, exhibits, research, and other legal documents. Robust search also lets you locate what you need with ease. Collaborate with your litigation team Case Notebook ensures that your litigation case management is handled consistently [Read more…]


The Only Complete System for Producing Secure, Custom-Formatted, Signed Transcripts RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the benchmark for electronic transcripts, and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide. E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature. The free E-Transcript Viewer is all that’s needed [Read more…]


Provide Clients with On-Demand Access to Transcripts, Exhibits, and Video Files. RealLegal iBinder operates seamlessly with RealLegal Publisher to allow on-demand access to transcripts, exhibits and synchronized video. Publisher Bundles, traditionally delivered on a CD or DVD, can now be delivered through the Internet to an encrypted and secure RealLegal iBinder site. Each reporting agency [Read more…]

LiveNote Stream

LiveNote Stream allows you to broadcast live transcript text and deposition video anywhere in the world – in real time. This cutting-edge software sends the live video and text securely via the Internet – enabling entire legal teams to see the demeanor of a witness, communicate with one another, or monitor the progress of a [Read more…]

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