depo phrases

800 Most Common Depo Phrases

A practice book for building speed and accuracy. Designed as a practice book to help increase speed by focusing on the practice of some of the most common phrases heard in depositions. The phrases, layout, Q & A, and briefs are all designed to offer specific, detailed, and effective practice for the beginning student to [Read more…]

finger drills book

Finger Drills Plus

Look at the picture to the bottom left. The words on the bottom section follow the same finger pattern as the top section drills, adding only a vowels sound. These words will reinforce the drill using complete words yet they follow the exact same finger drill pattern featured on that page! This lets you practice [Read more…]

61 Ways to Write Faster

61+ Ways to Write Faster

61+ Ways to Write Faster is great book. It’s basically a compilation of tips and advice given by reporters (many of them National Speed Contest winners). The tips range from speed-building techniques to nutrition and health. I would say this book is more directed to students than reporters, although I think everyone would benefit from [Read more…]

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