stened proper noun

StenEd – Proper Noun Speller

Proper Noun Speller (2001 edition)(45,000+ entries, 418 pages, royal blue/lavender, ISBN 0-938643-67-3) Invaluable reference for the correct spelling of over 45,000 proper nouns — names of people, places, and things. Brief descriptions included to insure you have found the right person/place. Includes proper nouns, such as: Art and literary figures Brand names Businesses Cars Entertainers [Read more…]

stened theory audio

StenEd – Audio Lessons

All exercises are repeated at various speeds to aid in reinforcement, review, and speedbuilding. The five MP3 CDs contain 38+ hours of dictation @ 15-90 wpm. Labels are blue. CD103 = 5 CDs: all theory audios as itemized below, 38+ hours, blue. Covers Lessons 1-40 & Review @ 15-90 wpm. (ISBN 978-0-938643-14-2) CD103A = 1 [Read more…]

stened theory tutorial

StenEd – Computer Tutorials

StenEd has been partnering with Realtime Learning Systems, Inc. and Advantage Software, Inc. to help create interactive tutorials for learning realtime steno. These tutorials are administered by their respective software companies. StenEd® has provided the StenEd lessons for learning theory as well as much of the content for the beyond theory lessons for Realtime Coach®. [Read more…]

stened theory vocabulary

StenEd – Vocabulary Development

Used for vocabulary and advanced writing skill development. Includes word games, puzzles, and much dictation to reinforce the words being covered. Contains both general and specific vocabularies, including: General vocabulary; Borrowed words; Words frequently confused (e.g., soundalikes); Word relationships; and Specialized vocabulary (e.g., computer terms). Difficult yet excellent preparation for the real world. May be [Read more…]

Stened 10 Steps Realtime

10 Steps to Realtime Writing

10 Steps to Realtime Writing (purple, 266 pages, 2001 edition, fully indexed, ISBN 978-0-938643-34-0) 10 Steps prioritizes conflict-solving techniques into ten categories: Step 01: The Alphabet Step 02: High Frequency Words Step 03: Inflected Endings Step 04: Soundalikes Step 05: Prefixes & Other Word Beginnings Step 06: Suffixes & Other Word Endings Step 07: Punctuation [Read more…]

Stened Medical

StenEd Medical Material

This two-volume set includes all medical material found in a traditional (i.e., non-stenotype) medical terminology/anatomy & physiology text plus realtime StenEd outlines for all medical terms discussed. Over 75 illustrations and 160+ exercises are included to reinforce the material presented.

stened theory

StenEd Theory

StenEd is the world leader in realtime steno training materials. We offer the most comprehensive realtime training material available for all stenotype careers. Stenocaptioning, CART Realtime Court/Freelance Reporting Conference/Convention Reporting Medical, Legal & General Stenoscription Designed to be conflict free, and thus realtime, since its inception, StenEd has a complete program — including texts, references, [Read more…]

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