Court Reporter (KROERT) Key Chain

KROERT is shorthand and translates as “court reporter.” So if you’re a KROERT, display it proudly with this unique, 3D printed key chain. Also makes a great gift for the court reporter in your life.

steno keys

Steno Keys Key Chain

A set of steno keys to carry with you anywhere. This item is 3D printed. Measures: 2″ x 1″ x .25″ Steno Keys

steno machine key

Steno Machine Key Chain

A 3D printed miniature replica of a steno machine. For the stenographer that wants to carry the pride of their skill with them everywhere. Also works well as a zipper pull on bags or purses. Measures: -1.25″ Wide -1.75″ Long -.75″ Tall

Steno Metronome

Qwik Time Metronome

Features a speaker that projects clear clicks that cut through the music. More than 200 speed settings, A440 tuning tone, low-battery indicator, and an earphone jack. Measures 3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″.

USB Laptop Fan

USB Laptop Fan

Mini Mobile USB Fan for Pc Laptop Notebook Netbook Tablet

steno fingers

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Get a grip… a better, stronger grip! As used by federal agents, the GripMaster! This enhances hand, wrist and forearm strength, for improved shooting control, accuracy and weapon retention. It’s unique in that it isolates each individual finger… not just a “squeezer” like some. That’s why it’s used by the FBI, ATF and DEA. It [Read more…]

steno saddlebag

Steno Saddlebag

The Steno Saddlebag is a home for all the stenographer’s cables and supplies. The cables are tucked in a sturdy zippered bag and fastened to the underside of a stenographer’s machine with Velcro and/or cable ties, thereby uncluttering the floor at the reporter’s feet, reducing the chance of tripping or unplugging, easing stress, and allowing [Read more…]

Steno Keyboard Cutting Board

This steno cutting board would make a special gift for a stenographer. Top-quality Bamboo Cutting Board Handle Cutout 8.5×11″ Exterior Dimensions Horizontal Layout Steno Cutting Board


Wine Stopper, Steno Keyboard

The wine stopper has a 1″ wooden top on a premium-grade wine cork. They are suitable for standard-sized wine bottles. Personalization method is laser engraved design into the wooden top. Steno Wine Stopper


Steno Machine Post-It Holder

A miniature replica of a steno machine that doubles as a Post-it Note holder. Holds 3″x 3″ pop-up notes. Includes one pack of notes. Steno Machine Note Holder

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