Carrying Case for ProCAT Impression and Stylus

New ProCAT Carrying case for your Impression and Stylus. This is compact bag with yet it has plenty of room for your cables. Use the side pockets to store your documents. ProCAT carrying case

USB Laptop Fan

USB Laptop Fan

Mini Mobile USB Fan for Pc Laptop Notebook Netbook Tablet

steno saddlebag

Steno Saddlebag

The Steno Saddlebag is a home for all the stenographer’s cables and supplies. The cables are tucked in a sturdy zippered bag and fastened to the underside of a stenographer’s machine with Velcro and/or cable ties, thereby uncluttering the floor at the reporter’s feet, reducing the chance of tripping or unplugging, easing stress, and allowing [Read more…]

Stenocast ME2TV

The StenoCast Me2TV wireless realtime kit is designed for realtime reporters who provide realtime to a single client. This is the perfect solution for the reporter who provides CART services or the reporter in court who provides realtime to just their judge. The Eight-inch Me2TV comes with realtime viewing software pre-installed. Your clients may view, [Read more…]

StenoCast EZ Send

The StenoCast Ez Send is the next-generation wireless transmitter from StenoCast, replacing the StenoCast RED, which was released in 2009. The Ez Send plugs into the court reporter’s computer via a USB port. The Ez Send wirelessly transmits your translated realtime from your (court reporter) computer to up to 14 clients. The reporter’s clients may [Read more…]

StenoCast Realtime TV

The Realtime TV comes with realtime viewing software pre-installed. Your clients may view, highlight and save their transcript that was viewed on the Realtime TV. There are no settings to worry about, no baud rates or protocols to configure. There is also no keyboard taking up valuable table space: all functions are performed on the [Read more…]

StenoCast Me2Me

If you own a Diamante or a Passport, and if you desire a reliable, secure wireless connection between your writer and your computer, the solution is the StenoCast ME2ME. The ME2ME system utilizes StenoCast’s unique plug & play Bluetooth technology that has been the leader in wireless realtime since 2004. With the StenoCast ME2ME you [Read more…]


Steno Rest Wrist Support

Provides a comfortable and convenient resting place for hands/arms during pauses and other periods when you are not writing. Fully adjustable Instantly connects to any tripod Compact unit is ultra-light-weight All black color For use with Stentura, Flash, Diamante & Impression Writers

Travel Desk

This rolling case converts into a laptop desk to provide a convenient workstation anywhere. The case has a laptop desk that stores in the rear exterior pocket, slides up the telescoping handle and locks into place at desk-height, enabling comfortable work sessions while waiting for your next job. The platform provides ample space for a [Read more…]

Zuca Ruby Red Wheelie Case for Steno Machines

Say Hello to the ZÜCA Pro Stenographer Bag in Ruby Red with a Black Frame – Finally a compact way to carry everything I need for court reporting in style. Zuca Professional Steno Carrying Bag Will hold a laptop up to a 15 inches wide. This bag is perfect for the court reporter who values [Read more…]

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