The Steno Doctor

The Steno Doctor is an Authorized Service Provider for  Stenograph Writers including the Stentura Family, including the 8000LX, The Fusion; the Elan Family, including the Mira; ProCat writers, Flash & Stylus, &The Neutrino Group writers, including the Revolution Grand & the Infinity Traditional. Facebook Page

A+ Service!

Thunderbird Sales & Service

Phone: (602) 743-0752 Fax: (602) 954-8378 Email:

Right Touch Stenographic Services

109 Military Road Tennyson South Australia, 5022 Main Phone: 618-8-353-1943 Email Address:

Dan Baranowski

124 Ridgeview Drive Scranton, PA 18504 570-963-6152 Email Address:

Michael Jenovic

17200 Dorchester Drive Cleveland, OH 44119 216-481-5220 Email Address:

Charles Anderson Enterprises

1605 Jude Court Belen, NM 87002 505-861-1436 800-55-STENO

Capitol City Steno

Capitol City Steno & Computers was started in 1994 as an Authorized Service Provider for Xscribe, after participating in their training class. Upon the sale of Xscribe to Stenograph in 1996, Capitol City Steno & Computers was offered an opportunity to join Stenograph. After completing an extensive training class, Capitol City Steno & Computers was [Read more…]


Your writer is a finely crafted instrument designed to perform with exacting precision. To keep your writer in balance, Stenograph offers cleanings and refurbishments.

Worth Steno Service

Worth Business Equipment repairs all makes of shorthand machines and provides Factory Authorized and Factory Trained service on the Stenograph Secretarial, Reporter, StenoLectric, Smartwriter, Stentura 200, Stentura 200SRT, Stentura 400, Stentura 400SRT, Stentura 500, Stentura 6000, Stentura 6000LX, Stentura 8000, Stentura 8000LX, StenoRam, StenoRam 2, StenoRam 3, StenoRam 3+, StenoRam Ultra, Transcriptor X, elan/MIRA and [Read more…]

White Lion Steno Repair

7234 Pineville Drive Jacksonville, FL 32244 (904) 860-1060

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