Animation Dictation 4-voice

Animation Dictation

Animation Dictation is a exclusive! The speaking character (designated by Plaintiff, Witness, Court or Defense) lights up, signifying that they are the person speaking. It’s less distracting and longer lasting than a standard video. Plus, you get the added convenience of having it emailed to your home computer for easy use! Animation Dictation will [Read more…]

Steno Metronome

Qwik Time Metronome

Features a speaker that projects clear clicks that cut through the music. More than 200 speed settings, A440 tuning tone, low-battery indicator, and an earphone jack. Measures 3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″.

steno fingers

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Get a grip… a better, stronger grip! As used by federal agents, the GripMaster! This enhances hand, wrist and forearm strength, for improved shooting control, accuracy and weapon retention. It’s unique in that it isolates each individual finger… not just a “squeezer” like some. That’s why it’s used by the FBI, ATF and DEA. It [Read more…]

SimplySteno Court Reporting Program

SimplySteno Online Program

SimplySteno review – SimplySteno reviews – SimplySteno is an online speedbuilding program designed for students in or out of court reporting school. With daily schedules guiding you every step of the way, SimplySteno was designed to get you to 225 2-voice and beyond. We’ll make those “fast talkers” sound slow. Beyond your 225 2-voice, we’ll [Read more…]

finger fun steno drills

Finger Fun – More Finger Fun!

“PBS’ philosophy for building speed, to be very brief, is that you must eliminate hesitations in your writing… The process requires careful analysis of your notes, identification of your specific writing problem(s), and focused practice to eliminate those problems. This book is intended to be used during your focused practice time. As a quick inspection [Read more…]

brief encounters

Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters is a collection of machine shorthand abbreviations that should be excellent for realtime writing because, as Laurie Boucke says in the preface, “none of the entries conflict with each other.” Let me tell you about a dictionary of shorthand abbreviations that may save the day for you, or at least make writing some [Read more…]

realtime briefs

CATegorically Speaking: Guide for Realtime Writing

CATegorically Speaking is “a reference work and study guide to facilitate the learning of briefs, phrases and conflict resolution techniques for realtime writing.” There are four parts: Grammatical Elements, Topic Categories, Alphabets and Numbers, and A Lexicon of Word Association. There are hundreds of sten. outlines and their English counterparts. Laurie Boucke explains in language [Read more…]

Medical Briefs

Medical Briefs: A Dictionary of Realtime Briefs

A comprehensive dictionary of approximately 64,000 easy-to-remember medical briefs and phrases. Indispensable reference for medical jobs, verifying spelling and medical transcription. This is a great book to have. It take away the having to come up with a short way of writing out medical words. I am a first year CR student and since I [Read more…]

Briefs Encountered CD

Briefs Encountered: Version 4: CDR Edition

This software is awesome! Better than the book because you can have it open while you’re writing and if you need a brief for that multi-stroke word, just type it into the search button and you get more than one! You can choose the brief that best fits your writing style, and most include suffixes, [Read more…]

steno practice dictation

StenoPractice CDs

The Benefit of the Triple Speed Build is the repetition and the accomplishment of writing the second 180wpm much better than the first in just a few short minutes. It helps build confidence and pushes your writing at the same time. Triple Speed Building is a great way to warm up and get yourself ready [Read more…]

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