wave writer

Wave Writer, Japan Edition

The Diamante writer is popular world-wide, including in Japan. It features a custom-created keyboard for Japan theory of writing. Order your Diamante for Japan in one of four colors, blue, black, red or white. Japan Wave Writer

elan mira A3

élan Mira A3

Extra large color display for viewing text, steno and both side-by-side Records live testimony using AudioSync OTG – on the go! Search for questions, answers and text for readback or audio playback SmartStroke evaluates your hand-to-hand movement for cleaner strokes AccuDial contact adjustment makes it easy to set your style and touch Small LCD indicator [Read more…]

elan mira G2

élan Mira G2

Features include: • Adjustable tilt VGA Display that supports 256 colors • SmartStroke – the stroke-sensing technology evaluates your hand-to-hand movement for cleaner strokes, resulting in better translation and reduced edit time • AccuDial contact adjustment system – fifteen precision settings allow you to personalize the contact settings as your style and touch change over [Read more…]

elan mira

élan Mira G1

E’LAN MIRA G1 Translated Text displays on color non-glare LCD. Realtime ready through USB or serial port. CompactFlash card storage of notes. Adjustable digital clock with month, date, and time. Format and use 1.44MB HD. Adjust beeper volume and LCD contrast, colors, and font size. Update Mira software from internet download via USB or floppy [Read more…]

stenograph wave

The Wave

Watch your accuracy soar with the Wave steno machine. The vibrant flat-panel screen clearly displays steno outlines as you write them, giving you the best kind of feedback — immediate feedback — to enable you to practice proper technique while you build speed. The phenomenal touch of this writer will speed you on your way [Read more…]

Diamante Steno Machine


The Diamante … elegant, sophisticated, brilliantly simple…Vibrant display keeps things clearly in view – A vibrant active-matrix color screen displays text, steno or both side-by-side. Display mechanism smoothly tilts from 0 to 65 degrees to accommodate varying lighting conditions. Screen folds face-down to protect it while not in use. Five font sizes with color choices [Read more…]

luminex steno machine


The most light weight, compact and precise writer ever! The new Luminex features a stunning full color, high resolution touch screen which folds flat, responsive touch sensor buttons, built-in power source, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, plus a revolutionary dual key stabilizer which drastically reduces side-to-side key wobbling. https://www.stenograph.com/V3MiniSplash.aspx?id=V3Wtr


Stentura Protégé

The Stentura® Protege® is the best machine you can buy if you prefer or need paper notes. Many stenography teachers swear by paper notes as a learning tool. The Protege also has a direct USB connection allowing you to lose the USB to Serial adapter. Certain CAT software (digitalCAT®, ProCat®, StenoCat, Apeiron (Cheetah), etc.) would [Read more…]

stentura fusion

Stentura Fusion

Instant translation and display of realtime text – Search for questions, answers and text for readback – Create dictionary globals on the fly to improve translation – Triple protection of steno notes – “Clean Hands” ink cartridge – EasyLock Tripod that’s a snap to use – Adjustable contacts and touch – Prints steno with indelible [Read more…]

stentura 8000 LX

Stentura 8000 LX

FEATURES Translation & display of text on LCD Display of steno notes on LCD Create job dictionary entries on the fly Move job dictionaries to and from CAT system Dictionary conversion to Stentura format Memory for 60000 strokes (about 200 pages) Search for Q,A, Mark and Untranslate Search for Steno Display disk directory, reopen a [Read more…]

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