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When it comes to the products we offer and the services we provide, our orientation has always been dictated by the needs of our customers. Since 1986, Acculaw has been a dependable pillar of support for the court reporting community, appearing monthly in the JCR for over 23 years with same toll-free number. Competitors have come and gone, but we remain strong by adhering to the basics of good business and excellent product backed up by unparalleled customer service. We differ from the other competitors in our industry that sell similar products by the fact that we are creators of technology thus proving our technical support superiority. Our technology is used in over 10% of all court reporting agencies in the World. When it comes to making components work together and compatibility issues Acculaw, Inc has all the answers and solutions. Over 10,000 customers can attest to that fact.

Reasons to Buy from Acculaw
More than 20 years of experience
All of our machines come w/Warranty
Free Ground Shipping on Machines
Wide Product(Machines) Selection
Online Ordering is Safe & Secure
Knowledgeable Staff
Great Customer Service
Exchange Policy
We are Easy to Reach
Customer support Live Chat
Toll Free Customer Support

Our main focus is to provide for the needs of the entire court reporting industry through superior service and availability in two key areas.

We Buy and Sell Pre Owned steno machines, Computers and CAT Software in volume every day, with satisfied customers spanning the nation. All steno machines are meticulously examined and go through maintenance prior to resale, and each and every one carries our personal warranty for a full year following purchase. Where CAT Software is concerned, in addition to offering the best pricing, we also provide all the information necessary so that legal registration and ownership transfers of the software can be handled accurately and efficiently by the customer. Once registrations are transferred, software support provided by the various software packages below is available to the software licensee.

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