Brief Encounters

brief encounters
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Brief Encounters is a collection of machine shorthand abbreviations that should be excellent for realtime writing because, as Laurie Boucke says in the preface, “none of the entries conflict with each other.”
Let me tell you about a dictionary of shorthand abbreviations that may save the day for you, or at least make writing some words and phrases a bit easier. Brief Encounters has more than 20,000 words and over 6,500 phrases in the book, all listed in alphabetical order. Phrases are in bold italics, and verbs are listed with the principal part first, followed by an indented list of the verb’s forms. Most of the entries have one-stroke sten. outlines; some of them I found downright clever.

At the back are a few pages with “extras”: shorthand abbreviations for characters such as parentheses, the dollar symbol, opening and closing quotation marks, to name a few; speaker-identification shortcuts; questions shortcuts and answer shortcuts.

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