Denoto Realtime Browser

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Denoto is a “realtime transcription” browser. It may be used to preview a testimony as it is being given. A realtime browser may be used by an attorney, a judge, a paralegal, or a physically challenged person to view and maintain a record of the proceeding. Denoto offers the physically challenged the opportunity to have “equal access” to the record. A judge may use Denoto to review any portion a realtime testimony or a portion of other records to rule on objections. An attorney may use Denoto to view the testimony in realtime mode, or use Denoto’s case management functions to research and review earlier testimony. The instant review features may prove to be instrumental in identifying discrepancies in a testimony, and it empowers the attorney to impeach a witness. The advanced realtime features of Denoto allow the user to place private bookmarks and issue codes in their copy of the transcript. Denoto reporter enables the user to produce a summary report of a transcript or group of transcripts in a case.

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