élan Mira G2

elan mira G2
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Features include: • Adjustable tilt VGA Display that supports 256 colors • SmartStroke – the stroke-sensing technology evaluates your hand-to-hand movement for cleaner strokes, resulting in better translation and reduced edit time • AccuDial contact adjustment system – fifteen precision settings allow you to personalize the contact settings as your style and touch change over time. Dials adjust by whole or half increments for the finest settings. • LCD Indicator that displays machine status and key contacts • RS-232 DB9 Port – standard serial port for communicating with Stentura-compatible software in a realtime mode • USB Port – for communicating with caseCATalyst4 in realtime and to synchronize your dictionary • CompactFlash Memory Card provides a reliable backup for your valuable note files • RAM Memory backup for steno note files up to 1,000 pages

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