Genesis RT

Genesis RT steno machine
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The Genesis RT’s elegant design is the smallest, lightest and BEST VALUE writer ever produced for students.

Designed and built by The Neutrino Group. Using some of the most powerful machine software ever written, the Genesis leverages technology derived from much more expensive machines, bringing an affordable and high quality student platform.

A powerful two processor design, gives the Genesis the ability to keep up with even the fastest writers around.

The Genesis’s modern compact design has done away with all the unnecessary bulk, weight, and wasted space of other traditional designs.

The Genesis RT is a real-time only machine that requires being hooked to your computer and CAT software but is upgradable to the Genesis SA if you need the ability to work without your PC at hand.

While inexpensive the Genesis is not by any means cheap. It uses the best technology available and the best quality materials in its construction. Hall effect sensors measure and determine the exact key placement some 150 times a second, including distance traveled, time held, direction of travel, and speed to determine the actual stroke you pressed. An ABS plastic shell encloses the mechanical components, and the arms are made of military grade 7075 aluminum. The comb is 1.8 thick milled brass, the steel parts are all high-grade stainless and all rubber is made from the best grade silicon available.

In terms of adjustability there are five unique stroke depths raging from 7.5 mm at the shortest to 15 mm at the longest. Each key is individually adjustable for sensitivity, along with many anti-stacking and anti-splitting rules. The machine requires no calibration.

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