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inside captioning
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“Inside Captioning” is for anyone interested in closed captioning, not just the broadcasters. it contains information about all aspects of captioning, including: The Technology — EIA-608, EIA-708, captioning equipment, timecodes, how a color TV works, European Teletext, ATV/HDTV, digital captioning (MPEG, DVD, CD-ROM, D1/D2) and a guided tour of the VBI. The History — how Line 21 captioning came about, milestones in captioning development in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, and the history of machine realtime and realtime captioning. The People — including case studies of captioning news, sports, church services, city government, the U.S. Senate, the Internet, live theater, and multilingual realtime captioning. The Vocabulary — a 20-page glossary of captioning terminology. The Laws — The ADA, the Television Decoder Circuitry Act, the Telecommunications Reform Act, and other U.S. & Canadian laws. The Procedures — Captioning standards and practices, and “How to” sections on getting shows captioned, hiring captioners, becoming a captioner, and starting a captioning company. And More! Bloopers, deaf culture, contact information, related technologies (e.g., CART), voice recognition, and an examination of international and multilingual captioning issues.

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