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lightspeed steno writer
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“Light” refers to the weight of the unit, plus the fact that keys can be actuated by the most gentle of touches. “Speed” refers to faster and more accurate writing by virtue of the elimination of wasted motion due to unnecessary up and down key travel.

Those features are complemented by the unique ability to adjust each individual key’s sensitivity by means of a simple graphical user interface in a computer program.
Once key sensitivity adjustments are completed, the changes are saved to firmware embedded in the LightSpeed’s memory. Multiple user profiles containing settings for the key adjustments can be stored and applied when desired.

The LightSpeed can be operated while connected to a computer or wireless through Bluetooth. A USB cable connection can be used for serial communication, power, or battery charging. When connected to a computer with a USB cable, the unit is powered by said cable; however, when connected by Bluetooth or operating independently the unit is powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

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