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Winner represents over three decades of industry experience, and a tradition of many industry firsts. It is the most robust and feature-rich computer-aided transcription available for the court reporting industry. It offers the most desirable features, yet is very simple to use. Transition to Winner for new users is very simple due to the similarity of its “custom” keyboards for other CAT products. Additionally, user note and transcript files may be imported from selected CAT systems into Winner. Winner (steno edition) has been designed specifically for the court reporters which use a stenotype machine to produce a verbatim record of a proceeding. We invite you to contact us to request a demonstration CD and product literature or arrange for an online presentation. The following is an overview of the features and benefits of the ProCAT Winner.

Technology — ProCAT is proud to be at the forefront of the information technology. Our tradition to apply leading-edge technology to our products started when we first opened shop. In 1982, we believed in the power and potential of the PC platform and we were the first to create a PC-based CAT system. Recognizing the important role that Windows will play in our lives, we incorporated this technology into the industry’s first 16-bit CAT software in 1993. As Windows technology has evolved, so has Winner. Winner2000 was introduced in 1998 as the first 32-bit CAT software. Winner 2015 is the latest version of Winner.
User Interface — A software should not have to be difficult to learn to be good! In fact, if it looks too difficult, then it is not well thought out and you’ll lose time and money learning it. Winner has adopted the look and feel of the Microsoft® products to ease the transition for first-time CAT users. Updating to Winner from earlier versions of ProCAT software is a breeze because it accepts the old command structure. Winner also has alternate keyboard layouts that simplifies the transition from other CAT systems to Winner. These alternate keyboards are set up to behave like your old software.
Features — The fact is that every CAT software can produce a transcript, but helping you improve your efficiency and offer features that increase the opportunity to generate additional revenue, is what we do best! Consider these one-of-a kind features:
Realtime — Realtime for The Rest of Us! ProCAT introduced the first portable realtime software in 1986. Since the introduction of the first realtime software, we have continued to add intelligence to our software to help you produce a “cleaner” transcript, with minimum effort.

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