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More than just simple dictation, Realtime Coach™ is a complete skill development package that provides:
Instant feedback on writing issues and key patterns
Powerful coaching and drills adapted to your needs
Advanced accuracy improvement tools
Professionally produced exercises in full audio, video and text modes
Variable speed audio playback
Simulated Realtime Environment with up to 4 voices
Unique reports to show practice quality and quantity
Visual progress indicators to encourage effort
Accessed with a single, convenient login online, there are no CDs to carry with you and no software to install. Whatever your current ability, Realtime Coach™ is your resource to take your skills to the next level.

2 Reviews

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    This company is so shady. Like all NCRA related businesses, their sole purple is to suck as much money out of students as possible. They charge you $40 for a mandatory minimum purchase of 3 months (Disclaimer: You can’t actually use any features on their website at this price) and if you do want access to any of the sites actual training features you better be prepared to pay bukko bucks! But it gets even better. Once they have your credit card number, they never stop charging you. I spoke with a sales rep directly who assured me I had nothing to worry about and that my membership would expire after the third month. I even received several emails from notifying me my membership was about to expire and would need to pay if I wanted to keep using this fabulously worthless website. (When I took the RPR exam the audio was shotty and sounded like a bad cell phone reception, and I lost contact with my proctor every time) But somehow, magically, despite what I was told by their company team members, and repetitive email alerts, my bank statement notifies me that they charged me another $40. After making multiple phone calls every day for a week, just to be told “Their customer care department will get back to me tomorrow.” I still have not heard from anyone or been refunded. I had to cancel my debit card to prevent future theft from this company. It’s bad enough they take advantage of starving students with their shameful prices, but apparently they feel justified in stealing from them too. Just imagine how quickly students could get in-and-out of school and into their careers if companies like these didn’t parasite off the already struggling members of society. Remember when our grandparents generation got to become court reporters without being fined hundreds of dollars a year just for existing? (mandatory useless memberships, fees, tests, licenses, mandatory social gatherings, etc.) Since when did a profession require you to sell your soul? It’s supposed to just be a job, right!? But because people don’t unite and stand up against corporate leaches who saw there was a profit to be made off of hard working reporters who actually earn their money, they hired lobbyists to ensure their pimping and leaching positions could be enforced and “their cut” of YOUR money was secured. Nothing will change until people speak up and stop being brainwashed by NCRA spokespeople who pump their agendas into students from the moment they enroll in college. This profession and dying for this very reason!

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    My rate:

    I like how simple the grading system is and gives you an actual percentage of accuracy and displays errors in an easy-to-read format. I believe it has helped me pass some exams.

    However, it is very expensive, and the speeds are not steady like some other practice dictation programs. I think it would be more beneficial for helping pass state and national exams if they were dictated as such.

    If it was less expensive and the speeds were more steady to correlate with the exams, I think this profession would see more certified reporters and Realtime Coach would see more customers.

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