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SearchMaster was launched in 1998 when Jim Barker received from one of his reporting clients what he now refers to as “The Transcript from Hell,” a 120-page deposition of a brain surgeon whose answers to the questions asked of him included the names of colleges and medical schools in the United Kingdom and the United States, obscure drug names, the names of medical tests, diseases, syndromes, medical equipment, hospitals and clinics in the United States where he had practiced, the names of U.S. doctors with whom he had been associated in some fashion, etc. It took Jim, who typically proofed 40 to 50 pages per hour, a full 8-hour workday to complete the proofing of that transcript. Why? Because he had to spend a huge amount of time pulling out his reference books and looking up the spellings of all the people, places, things, and terminology that the doctor referred to in the course of his deposition. And to make matters worse, this particular reporter, who was Jim’s main client at the time and who provided at least 75% of his income, was planning on specializing in medical depos in the future, which meant that more transcripts from hell would be forthcoming!

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