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Steno Arcade
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Steno Arcade is a suite of four arcade games designed to teach and drill steno and keyboarding fundamentals in an immersive, addictive, responsive, and interactive way. Steno Arcade is 100% free and open source and works with any steno machine or keyboard.

What is Steno Hero?
Steno Hero is the first arcade game being developed for the Steno Arcade suite. Imagine your favorite rhythm games, but instead of pressing buttons that vaguely emulate the original instruments, you’re hitting steno chords or keyboard keys to precisely and accurately produce the lyrics to your favorite music! It’s like singing karaoke with your fingers! Upon completion, Steno Hero will include a total of 12 playable songs, with the potential for more to be added post-release. And if the crowdfunding campaign hits the $10,500 stretch goal, we’ll be able to develop an editor to let you play with your own songs! The Steno Hero game is primarily for advanced users of steno, with the other three arcade games planned for the Steno Arcade suite intended for beginners and intermediate users.

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