Steno Saddlebag

steno saddlebag
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The Steno Saddlebag is a home for all the stenographer’s cables and supplies. The cables are tucked in a sturdy zippered bag and fastened to the underside of a stenographer’s machine with Velcro and/or cable ties, thereby uncluttering the floor at the reporter’s feet, reducing the chance of tripping or unplugging, easing stress, and allowing for much easier and faster setup and breakdown. The bag is large enough to hold electrical cables from the reporter’s writer, laptop, external recording device, and has a 15-foot 3-prong extension (sold separately), but small enough to attach to the underside of any writer that is connected to a tripod. The Saddlebag also contains a mesh zippered pocket for pens, exhibit stickers, reading glasses, etc. and another zippered pocket for many other supplies.

The Steno Saddlebag has a 3-cm-wide Velcro strip sewn down the length of the bag and comes with the Velcro adhesive mates for instantly attaching to the bottom of the reporter’s machine. It also comes with zip ties and twisty ties for extra attaching methods. Because there’s dual zippers in the main pocket, the cords can protrude from any part of the length of the bag depending on where your power outlet is or whatever your personal preference.

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