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If you own a Diamante or a Passport, and if you desire a reliable, secure wireless connection between your writer and your computer, the solution is the StenoCast ME2ME. The ME2ME system utilizes StenoCast’s unique plug & play Bluetooth technology that has been the leader in wireless realtime since 2004.

With the StenoCast ME2ME you can eliminate the dangling serial cable and the limitations associated with being tethered to your computer. You’re free to wander about the courtroom or deposition suite, knowing your steno notes are securely being transmitted to your computer. If you walk out of the room, down the hall, and manage to get out of the wireless range of your computer, that is not an issue. When you walk back in range, your ME2ME transmitter and receiver automatically reconnect, and all notes written while out of range are transmitted to your computer. No need for you to do anything… but walk. Let the ME2ME handle the rest automatically.

Trusting your wireless connection to a generic Bluetooth dongle that is not designed specifically for a court reporter’s steno machine may prove to be very frustrating and unwise.

Can you find a cheaper alternative? Possibly.

Can you find a more reliable wireless realtime system? Absolutely not.

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