StenoCast Realtime TV

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The Realtime TV comes with realtime viewing software pre-installed. Your clients may view, highlight and save their transcript that was viewed on the Realtime TV.

There are no settings to worry about, no baud rates or protocols to configure. There is also no keyboard taking up valuable table space: all functions are performed on the high-resolution, capacitive-touch screen.

If you provide realtime to just one client, you may use the ME2U/TV system. You plug the USB transmitter into your computer, and simply provide the Realtime TV to your single client. Turn the TV on, and your client is receiving your realtime. Simple, safe and secure.

If you provide realtime to more than one client, you will use the Ez Send transmitter. The Ez Send plugs into your computer via a USB port. The Ez Send allows you to wirelessly transmit your realtime to up to 14 clients. These clients may use any combination of Realtime TVs and USB Ez Receivers. If your client(s) did not bring a computer or do not have litigation-support software, you can supply them with a TV. If your client(s) have computers and litigation-support software, simply provide them with a USB Ez Receiver.

StenoCast Realtime TV

The Realtime TV is compatible with all previous-generation transmitters: X7 & RED.

Realtime TV
1) Eight-inch Capacitive Touch Screen (like an iPad)
2) Realtime software pre-installed
3) View, Highlight & Save Transcript
4) Free firmware updates for one year
5) Keyword(s) search
6) No software to install, no tokens.

Operating instructions: Press β€œOn.”
Never lose a realtime hookup again!

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