The BriefCatcher

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The BriefCatcher™ is exactly the same size as an actual keyboard on the steno machine. It feels the same as you place your fingers on the home row and move them from brief to brief. The keys are slightly raised and have an enhanced edge so that you can feel the corners and edges of each key or key combination.

This simulated keyboard is only 7 1/4” x 3 1/2” so you may have it with you at all times, greatly increasing your opportunities to practice memorizing finger positions for new briefs. Self-stick, non-slip backing material is provided to keep the BriefCatcher™ in place on any surface.

Place a BriefCatcher™ at your desk, in your car, in your bag, etc., and you’ll be reminded to practice in the odd moments to advance dynamically. Then make a list of briefs on note cards, and/or on your Kindle, Nook, PDA, Laptop, or phone. Use your commonly carried device to practice anytime.

Each BriefCatcher™ is accompanied by a specialized 10-step program that helps the reporter tap into a new technique for developing a reflexive memory process, locking each new brief in permanent memory.

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