Xscribe Stenoram Ultra

xscribe stenoram ultra
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FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS SECURITY OF STENO NOTES Notes are stored on diskette, RAM memory and paper simultaneously Notes written to RAM even if diskette is not present or full Notes written to diskette even if RAM is full VIDEO SYNC Provides inexpensive compatibility with video taping Clock can be set in sync with video camera Notes “time stamped” for easy review with video tape EASE OF USE Finer, reliable adjustment capabilities Mechanical 2-color and electronic notemaker Built-in, retractable bench stand Lightweight, sturdy tripod Easy to refill, clean-hands ribbon cartridge Up to 112 separate notefiles on RAM and diskette Direct output for real-time translation and dictionary creation RAM MEMORY Capacity of 85,000 strokes or 400 average pages BATTERY 20 full hours of operation, 9 days of RAM storage Recharge time-10 hours Two stage low battery indication- visual and audible Battery charge indicator light Operates of battery or AC current PAPER HANDLING Adjustable electric paper advance with manual override Standard steno paper DISKETTE Standard 720K 3.5″ micro floppy disk Capacity – 312,000 strokes or 1500 average pages Formats diskette even while writing, or uses pre-formatted disks.

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