Zuca Ruby Red Wheelie Case for Steno Machines

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Say Hello to the ZÜCA Pro Stenographer Bag in Ruby Red with a Black Frame – Finally a compact way to carry everything I need for court reporting in style. Zuca Professional Steno Carrying Bag Will hold a laptop up to a 15 inches wide. This bag is perfect for the court reporter who values organization, style, and perfection. What more could you ask for? Protect and organize the tools of your trade and travel in style with our new ZÜCA Pro-Stenographer Collection. The anti “jet lag” bag. Developed for the seasoned road warrior, the ZÜCA Pro is part carry-on, part organizer, and part “darn is this thing cool”. With a built-in seat (seriously) and a custom padding compartment for your steno machine, this patented new concept in travel is like nothing else. Period. If you need to take a flight, the ZÜCA Pro-Stenographer fits comfortably into any overhead. Note: As with all of our cases, the Zuca cannot be returned if used. If any components show signs of use, case cannot be resold and will be considered used. Will fit most writers with their accessories. Plenty of room for power supplies, tripods, cables, etc. Tested with the Diamante®, Wave, Luminex®, Cybra, Infinity Traditional, Passport Touch, Impression, Elan Mira® and Stentura.® The Stentura with a papertray is a tight fit. All other machines fit fine. Passport (original) will not work in this bag. Will hold a laptop up to a 15 inches wide.

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